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About Us

Boost n' Chill is a Canadian Organic Tea, Herb & Dried Foods Importer specializing in high-quality certified organic teas, herbs & spices. We manufacture and distribute organic tea to businesses as well as end consumers. To buy tea from us, simply browse our online tea shop. You can have your order delivered straight to your door.

Our Story

We created Boost n' Chill because we believe you deserve a tea that delivers more. A tea with more flavor, more transparency and better ingredients. Each of our custom blends have been expertly crafted and rigorously taste-tested. The goal was not just to craft teas that taste delicious (which we proudly did), but to create teas that inspire joy, comfort, nostalgia, hope and so much more. All because we believe tea should be memorable, just like you.

Why loose leaf?

Firstly, loose leaf tea is typically higher in quality and less processed. Our loose leaf tea is made from beautiful, full ingredients. They are not broken down to fit in a small tea pouch which can lead to the evaporation of rich oils in the product and increased bitterness. Instead, our tea leaves are bursting with rich, deep flavor. In addition, loose leaf tea steeps better. Water can fully circulate throughout the ingredients. The resulting brew is fuller in taste, allowing the individual characteristics of each ingredient to shine through.

High Quality Ingredients

We are proud to print the ingredients of all our teas directly on the front of the pouch where they are easy to read. This is because we believe the best cup of tea is made from a perfectly balanced blend of names you can pronounce. That means no additives, no coloring, no GMOs, no surprises. We simply let our ingredients speak for themselves through the incredible flavors they bring to each cup.